Noizecasts : noizible website !


    Warning, this is a noizible website !

    Noizecasts are podcasts dedicated to electro, dark, industrial, gothic, experimental, etc... musics.

    Technically speaking, what is a podcast ? Oh, my... The “Podcast ? Kezako ?” section is there, but only in french. I’m sure you’ll find all details in english with Google, right right ? Not that I don’t want to share that with you, fellow non-french people, it’s just a matter of time (:

    Right now, we got two podcasts.

    First of all, Noizecast, is dedicated to electro/dark/indus mixes & some cold and wave sounds, too. No big deal, no blah blah (anyway, descriptions are both in french and in english), “the recording sound speaks itself” (Sonar quote). These mixes are definitly dancefloor... A dancefloor from Blade Runner, THX1138, Dune, Eraserhead, ...

    The second one, Le Nid de l’Insecte, is the recording from a radio program I produce every sunday evening on a local radio. The speech is in french, but I know we got some non french listeners who don’t give a damn fuck about that, as the main purpose is to make you people discover some new bands and remember root ones.

   Just a last thing, remember that a podcast can be best enjoyed using iTunes (which is free to download and use on mac & pc) and that you can register a podcast on the Tunes Music Store (through iTunes). Noizecasts can be enjoyed, too, directly in your browser, on the podcast page itself.

    In noize we trust !